What exactly is Fine Art Photography?

What exactly is Fine Art Photography?

You probably have noticed that I describe myself as a fine art portrait photographer.

Fine art portrait photography is my focus and passion. It is what I love to do

But you may be wondering:

  • What exactly is fine art photography?

  • What makes a photograph worth of the description ‘fine art’?

  • And, why is it worth having a session with a ‘fine art’ portrait photographer?

Why the confusion about fine art photography?

Firstly,  I think that fine art photography is often misunderstood.

And that is because photography is now more accessible than ever before.

Nowadays, we have access to relatively inexpensive camera equipment. We all have cameras on our phones and use them every day.  Also, we can buy a professional quality camera for not much more than a few hundred Rands. The barrier to entry is lower than ever.

This is a great thing. But it has also led to photography becoming more of a commodity.

The perceived value of photography is going down because everyone considers themselves a photographer.

To the average person on the street with no knowledge of photography, who simply wants a nice portrait of their family for their wall at home, it is difficult for them to understand how one photographer is any different to another.

So, while people perhaps know more than they ever have about photography, at the same time, there is a lack of understanding about the work that goes into creating a professional portrait that truly is ‘fine art’.

For me, fine art photography is exactly that – AN ART FORM that comes from THE HEART.

Fine art photography requires professional skill as well as artistic talent.

What defines a fine art portrait photography for me is:

  • Vision


In order to create a fine art photograph, the photographers will need to have developed an idea and had a vision of the final image that they will create.

They will be able to see in their mind’s eye the final image and how they want it to look.

  • Creative talent


They will have carefully planned all the details of the photograph.

And they will have creatively considered all the many factors that contribute to the creation of the final image.

  • Technical skill


Fine art photographers also need to have the technical skills and know how to use their camera and lighting in order to achieve the final image.

  • Consistency


There will be consistency across a body of work. For example, my portraits sit well together because there is a consistency of style.

  • Message


There is also a purpose to the photographs or a message that the photographers want to convey.

In my work, you will notice that I love to focus on my client’s eyes as I believe this is the gateway to their soul.

I love to photograph emotions and the eyes are a powerful way to capture emotions and feelings

The fine art difference :

Clients who choose to work with me appreciate the fine art difference.

They recognise quality when they see it and have an understanding and respect for the creative process and skills that is required to create these images.

They appreciate the beauty and the subtleties in the composition, the location or the quality backdrops, the correct lighting and flattering posing, the creative styling, clothing and the artistic editing.

They choose to hire me and to invest in having a fine art portrait taken because they understand and value what they see, and they want that same quality for themselves.

If you are interested in hiring me for a fine art portrait experience , please contact me here.




Thank you

Aylisha xx

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